Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeChop?

WeChop is a lunch delivery app for office workers. Lunch time in office is not usually fun - delays with delivery, dealing with Accra traffic, restaurants taking their own sweet time, etc. But lunch can be amazing!
WeChop was created with you in mind. Carefully curated meals from your favorite restaurants are delivered right to your office, and with no delivery fee. You place your order via our app and we ensure delivery so you don’t hungry. Sweet deal, right? Learn more about app availability here.

How does WeChop work?

From Monday - Friday, at
09:00am: WeChop will remind you that a new menu is available for the day.
11:00am: We accept orders only till 11:00am. This is because restaurants need enough time to prepare your meal and have it ready for delivery by lunch time.
12:30pm Lunch is delivered at the reception of your office. We will notify you when the driver is on the way and also when he has arrived at the office. You stop by the reception, pick up your lunch and chop it!

Is the delivery really free?

Yes! No matter where your office is in Accra, the delivery is free. And the cost of the food is the same as the price at that restaurant. Our secret sauce is in our logistics and we need signups at office locations. So sign up and invite your colleagues!

Can I pre-order lunches?

Yes, you can! The menu for the week will always be available. You can browse the menu for different days within the app and place an order ahead of time. And if something comes up or you change your mind, you can cancel the order. Cancellations are supported as long as you cancel before 8:00am on the day your order was placed for. We will also remind you the day before that you have an order scheduled with us so you have enough time to cancel.

How do I get WeChop to deliver to my office location?

Join the list here . We need at least 10 people in the neighborhood to start delivering to that location. So spread the word and get your colleagues to register as well so you can start chopping! And as soon as the app is available, we will let you know via the contact information you provided.

Do you have both Android and iOS app?

Yes, our Android app is available in beta. Find out more here. iOS will be available soon.

What kind of cuisines do you offer?

We offer different kinds of cuisines daily, from Ghanaian to Continental to Chinese, so you don't get bored of the same food everyday.

Do you offer vegetarian meals?

Yes, there will usually be at least one vegetarian option.

Do you have drinks?

Not yet, but it's coming soon.

Do you offer healthy options?

Our meals are cooked with your health in mind, prepared fresh everyday. Daily menus may not include a lite option but some days we do offer healthier alternatives.

When and how can I start ordering?

We have started testing our app with a small group of users and are expanding quickly. We can start serving you if we get 5-10 signups from your office. So join the list here and ask your colleagues to do so as well!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash. Mobile money and card support coming soon.

App (beta) now available

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